Notice of Race and Supplementary Sailing Instructions
Sandusky Sailing Club
Interlake Fleet #1 Seasonal Series Racing

(Note: This document is intended to provide a race notice as prescribed by RRS, and to complete and supplement SI's issued by SSC.)

RULES: These races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and by Interlake Sailing Class Association (ISCA) Class Codes as a non-sanctioned event. This notice shall take precedence.

SCHEDULE: According the schedule provided by Interlake Fleet #1, or if no such schedule is provided, then by the annual season schedule published by Sandusky Sailing Club (SSC), or as otherwise posted.

ELIGIBILITY: Each skipper shall be a member in good standing of SSC and Interlake Fleet #1, and an Active Member of the ISCA. At the discretion of the Fleet Captain, visiting class members, members’ guests, prospective members and other persons shall be welcomed to compete as a guest skippers in a race or races, but not entered in the series, and those results shall be recorded and posted,  but the series shall be scored separately, deleting the guests' results. Such skippers' guest status shall not be cause for redress.

ENTRY: Each entry shall be by one skipper. Entry is by a skipper and not a hull or sail number. A skipper whose boat comes to the starting area and checks in as prescribed below for the first time in a series shall be deemed entered, and entry may be so made in any race in a series .

CHECK-IN: Each boat shall check in with the start boat prior to her preparatory signal, or as soon as she is able to do so, but before starting her first race, by sailing within hail of the start boat, hailing her skipper’s name and sail number for that race, and being acknowledged. In addition, if the skipper displays a sail number different from that in the previous race in the series, or when a mismatched spinnaker number will be displayed, the boat shall so notify the RC. If a boat fails to check in as prescribed, she shall be burdened in the event of any resulting scoring discrepancy or dispute, but there shall be no other penalty, except that if repeated infractions by a skipper in a series cause hardship to the Race Committee, then after a warning, an additional infraction in the same series shall be cause for protest by the Race Committee, and that boat may be disqualified after a hearing.

HULL AND SAIL NUMBERS: A skipper is under no obligation to use the same hull or sail number throughout the series, but if a boat displays a sail number different from a hull number qualifying her skipper for class membership, that boat shall ensure that that sail number is unique in the fleet for that day, by temporarily altering his sail numbers or other means. If a boat makes a good faith effort to do so, yet a conflict occurs, she shall receive a warning and no other penalty, but after such warning, an additional infraction in the same series shall be cause for protest by the Race Committee, and that boat may be disqualified after a hearing.

CREW: A skipper is not required to employ the same crew member(s) or number of crew on different days of the series. A skipper may sail single-handed if permitted by ISCA class codes, and not prohibited by the Sailing Instructions issued by SSC for these series.

SERIES SCORING:  The number of scores excluded shall be the largest whole number that is less than half of the number of races scored for the series. Rule A9 shall apply.

Periodically, interim results may be posted at the discretion of the Scorer, but because new entries are permitted throughout each series, DNC scores posted during the series are provisional and subject to change. A boat disputing posted results shall notify the RC and the scorer immediately. Final results shall be made available promptly at the conclusion of the series. Results shall give each skipper’s name. (Sail and/or hull numbers may be included for reference purposes but may not always reflect actual numbers used in a given race.)

AWARDS shall be made according to the traditions and current practices of the Sandusky Sailing Club. Awards are made only to qualifying skippers in each series. To qualify for an award in a series, entry fees must be paid in full before the series ends, and a skipper must compete in more than half the races scored in the series. (Example A: Nine races scheduled minus two abandoned and not re-sailed equals seven races scored, thus skippers must compete in at least four races, because four is the smallest whole number greater than half of seven. Example B: Eight races scored, thus skippers must compete in at least five races, because five is the smallest whole number greater than half of eight.)

The FOUNDERS' TROPHY shall be awarded to the Fleet One member who participated as skipper in the largest number of Interlake races at SSC, including special events, during the season. Outside events shall be considered only for tie-breaking purposes.

The INTERLAKE FLEET  #1 CHAMPION shall be determined from the results of  seasonal series racing. For each of the regular series, each skipper's series rank shall be deemed a score in a series, and then the low point system shall be applied, with no scores excluded. Rule A9 shall not be applied. Results from any Fall "fun" races shall not be included.

The HUNTLEY TROPHY shall be awarded to the Interlake Fleet #1 Champion.

SCC CHAMPIONSHIP: The Interlake Fleet #1 Champion shall represent Interlake Fleet #1 in the SSC "Champion of Champions" event and/or any other event inviting entry by one fleet skipper. If the Fleet Champion is unable to do so, then the First Runner-up shall. If the first Runner-up is unable to do so, then the Second Runner-up shall, and so forth. Unless otherwise prescribed by rules of the event, the representing skipper shall choose crew from among skippers and crew who regularly participated in the season's Interlake racing at SSC.

rev. Apr2009

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